Isaac Images
Partial client list


Annual Reports, Public Relations, Corporate I.D.

McCartin & Kunin
Interbrand Corporation
Michael Hotopp & Associates, Architects


Benson Eye Care-Foster Grant



Barnes & Noble
Timberland Company


J C Penney


Advertising, Direct Mail

Block Drug
Chemical Bank
Bristol-Meyers/ Squibb


General Foods
BMG Direct Marketing



Pearson Learning Group
Putnam Berkley Group: Adult & Juvenile
Addison-Wesley/ McClanahan & Company


Globe Books
Scholastic Books
McDougal,Littell &Company
Prentice-Hall Regents


Editorial/ Trade Publications

Harris Publishing Co.: SLAM!
Fairchild Publications: Sportstyle, WWD, Footwear News,GolfPro
Sussex Publishing Co.: Spy, Psychology Today, Mother Earth News

Rate Schedule

The following is a list of fees for services offered for Photography. They may be used as a general guide when you plan your next photo shoot.


By The Day:


Location:$1500/ Day, $800/Half Day, plus tolls and parking
Unlimited number of setups to 8 hours including same day travel time
$300ÚDay Assistant, if needed

By The Setup:


People: $150 per person: Publicity, or "HeadShots"
$300~500 for staff, or groupshots
$500~800 for Public Relations or Events up to 4 hours

$250 for first wall, or table setup, $75~$150 for each additional similar setup, up to three.
More than three, see Day Rate above.

On Speculation:


$300~500, each photo, depending upon use

Film and Processing:


$25 each roll color
$30 each roll black & white, with contact print
$ 9 each 4x5 transparency or negative, color or b&w
$30 1st 8x10 Print Enlargement, color or b&w
$12 each additional from same negative
$ 5 each additional requested polaroid after first

Scans and Prints:


$18 1st scan, hi-res and web, saved to CD.
$ 8 each additional scan
$20 1st 8
1/2 x 11 6-color computer photo print
$ 8 each additional print from same scan



$45 per hour of requested Photoshop retouching



$125 per hour: Photo and digital tech support, studio setup

The rates listed here are for one year’s unlimited use, as specifically agreed to at the beginning of each assignment. Additional year’s use negotiable.

BUY-OUT RATES for advertisements are available, and are negotiable, according to planned use, at an additional rate of 25% of photography rate.